What is the Advanced Clean Cars Program and What are Its Benefits?

What is the Advanced Clean Cars Program and What are Its Benefits?

Webinar hosted by Environment America

Many state leaders, like those in Nevada, know the advanced clean cars program offers many benefits. Which is why fifteen states and Washington D.C. have already adopted a portion of the clean cars program. Minnesota and Nevada are currently in the rulemaking process. 

Governor Sisolak introduced the Clean Cars Nevada initiative in 2020. The state is pursuing a low-emission vehicle program, which means automakers will deliver new vehicles that emit fewer greenhouse gases and harmful air pollutants to Nevada dealerships. Additionally, the state is pursuing the zero-emission vehicle program ensuring automakers deliver more vehicles that are partly or fully zero emissions (such as plug-in hybrid or full electric vehicles) for sale in Nevada.

Environment America held a panel webinar to discuss the importance and benefits of the clean cars program, explaining its appeal for states. The panel featured: Patrick McDonnell, Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; Laura Bishop, MN Pollution Control Agency; Barbara Vasquez, Colorado Transportation, Commissioner for District 6, and Danilo Dragoni, Chief of Nevada Bureau of Air Quality Planning.

The panel discussed the role advanced clean cars programs play in states. Clean car standards:

  • Are a major tool for state administrations to spur climate action and meet climate goals
  • Help clean up air quality for improved public health
  • Make it easier for consumers, including fleet owners, to find clean and electric options, test drive EVs, and purchase EVs in their home states
  • Create a more stable regulatory environment for auto manufacturers and dealers
  • Provide overall lifetime financial savings for drivers

Watch the webinar now to learn more. Join us in supporting the Clean Cars Nevada initiative!