Electric Vehicle Spotlight: The EV industry can power Nevada’s economy!
Electric vehicles and clean cars can power Nevada’s economy.

Electric Vehicle Spotlight: The EV industry can power Nevada’s economy!

Plug in America

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is bringing a whole new set of high-quality jobs to Nevada. The Tesla Gigafactory near Reno is one example, employing thousands of workers and becoming a major contributor to our state’s economic activity. More EVs lead to more jobs in our state.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunities here in this state for growth in this sector. It only makes sense that we leverage electric technology like EVs to propel us forward,” said Assemblyman Tom Roberts from District 13.

Nevada is also home to lithium deposits, an important material for the batteries found in EVs. This means even more opportunities to diversify the state’s economy. “We see an opportunity in bringing some of the [battery] supply chain into Nevada and helping Nevadans go to work in a new industry,” said Kristopher Sanchez from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Nevada’s Clean Car Initiative will create jobs too! Nearly 1,200 Nevadans had clean transportation jobs in 2019, and once Nevada officially adopts the Zero-Emission Vehicle Standard, that number could double by 2030. That doesn’t include jobs created to support those businesses and workers. 

Nevada barely produces oil, so we send more than $4 billion out of state every year to buy fossil fuels. Clean Car Standards will not only save consumers money – they keep those dollars circulating here at home, supporting our local clean vehicle and clean energy businesses. 

Electric vehicles have an impact on tourism as well. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of adding EV charging to their locations, so they can be a destination for the growing number of EV drivers across the country. Incentives can help businesses install EV charging, keeping them competitive. And Nevada now offers charging across every major highway in the state, encouraging EV travelers to visit.

Nevada is positioning itself as a leader in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry, which will reap economic benefits for years to come.