Electric Vehicle Spotlight: Think you can’t afford an electric vehicle? Think again!
Driving an electric vehicle is affordable and saves money

Electric Vehicle Spotlight: Think you can’t afford an electric vehicle? Think again!

Plug in America

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent. With more than 40 models available and many cars and trucks headed to showrooms in the next couple of years, Nevada consumers are asking: Can I afford to drive an electric vehicle?

For decades, buying a car or truck has meant factoring in not only the sticker price and monthly payment, but also the cost of regularly filling up the gas tank and replacing the many parts of an internal combustion engine that wear out over time. 

With an electric car or truck, those costs practically vanish.

“There are savings that consumers can experience as well by avoiding maintenance issues [and] avoiding having to fuel up all the time,” said Will Barrett with the American Lung Association. 

Electric cars have fewer parts than an internal combustion engine, and the cost of maintaining an electric vehicle is less than the cost of maintaining a gasoline-powered car. Oil changes become a thing of the past. 

Because these vehicles run on electricity, drivers can keep a lot of money in their pockets that they otherwise would have spent on gasoline. Drivers know that the price for a gallon of gasoline increases and decreases all of the time, sometimes pretty dramatically over the course of a year. Electricity prices, on the other hand, are much more stable – and lower – than gasoline prices. According to the Department of Energy, it costs less than half as much to travel the same distance in an electric vehicle as in a gas-powered vehicle.  

How much can you save In Nevada? Check out this side-by-side comparison of gasoline versus electricity prices to see how much you can keep in your pocketbook

While electric cars and trucks haven’t been around as long as their gasoline-powered counterparts, many have been around long enough that a sizable secondary electric vehicle market now exists. That means consumers can save even more by finding a used electric vehicle. As it stands now, Nevadans don’t have a very easy time buying the makes and models of electric cars that exist today. That’s because these vehicles are typically sold in other markets where states have adopted Clean Car Standards. So many Nevada electric vehicle drivers have had to go out-of-state to find the car they’d like to purchase. If Nevada adopted these standards, electric makes and models would become much more prevalent and available here – saving us money yet again. To learn more about Clean Car Standards, check out this page.