Electric Vehicle Spotlight: A Variety of Electric Vehicle Options are Headed to Nevada
Electric vehicles range in options in Nevada from luxury Jaguars and Porches to affordable Leafs and certified pre-owned cars.

Electric Vehicle Spotlight: A Variety of Electric Vehicle Options are Headed to Nevada

Plug In America

Get ready to change the way you think about electric vehicles in Nevada. Already, a range of cars are on the roads, from luxury Jaguars and Porches to affordable Leafs. There’s even an all-electric motorcycle available for sale. And when it comes to seeing more electric vehicles in Nevada, that’s just the beginning.

“In the next year or two, I think we’re going to start to see a lot of larger vehicles coming out — SUVs and pickup trucks,” said Joel Levin of Plug In America.

New companies are already racing to get these new options out to consumers. And it seems that every day, a major auto manufacturer announces that customers’ favorite truck and SUV models are going electric. That includes the vehicle that was once the poster child for gas guzzling — the Hummer. 

The price of new electric vehicles continues to fall as more models enter the market, with one model coming in under $24,000. And more used vehicles are also up for sale. Nevada EV owner Bethany Khan got her car Certified Pre-Owned from a dealership for “half the price.”

But while more than 40 all-electric and plug-in hybrid makes and models are already in production, only a dozen were readily available at Nevada dealerships in 2019, according to Cars.com. The lack of these vehicles for sale in Nevada — new or used — means that consumers have to travel to neighboring states such as California to test drive and purchase these cars. 

“What is challenging right now, and it makes it a little bit of a project, is the fact that I have to be looking primarily out of state,” said David Bobzien, the Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy who has been shopping for an EV. “There’s just not quite the inventory yet in the state of Nevada.”

Once Clean Car Standards are adopted, about 6  to 8 percent of all vehicles manufacturers deliver to Nevada dealerships in 2025 could be electric. This is equivalent to about 10,600 plug-in cars, which is almost five times more than the 2,300 electric cars sold in Nevada in 2018. That means far more electric vehicle options will be coming to a dealership near you.