Nevada Becomes 16th Clean Cars State

Nevada Becomes 16th Clean Cars State

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, October 22, 2021

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Nevada Becomes 16th Clean Car State
Regulations cross the finish line with Legislative Commission Vote

CARSON CITY — Today, Nevada became the sixteenth in the nation to adopt clean car standards. Governor Sisolak announced the Clean Cars Nevada initiative on June 22, 2020, to improve air quality, expand consumer choice, boost the economy, and fight climate change in Nevada. The regulations will go into full effect for model year 2025 and provide consumers with more options for cost-saving and pollution-free light-duty cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. 

Today’s bipartisan 8 to 4 vote by the Nevada Legislative Commission to accept the Clean Cars Nevada program concludes a 16 month period of public engagement led by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). In the end, Clean Cars Nevada achieved overwhelming, broad, and unprecedented support from diverse stakeholders. NDEP, clean energy advocates, and the automotive industry worked collaboratively to find regulatory language that was agreeable to all parties involved, which can serve as a model for other states pursuing clean car standards.

Clean car standards are the latest in a series of actions by Governor Sisolak and the Nevada Legislature to advance the state’s Climate Strategy and establish Nevada as a leader in clean transportation and climate action. Recently passed legislation will support increased electric vehicle usage by developing $100 million in charging infrastructure over the next 3 years.

Advocates for environmental protection, public health, climate action, and consumer protection released the following statements: 

“Today, we are proud to see Nevada become the sixteenth in the nation to adopt clean car standards. These protections will give Nevadans access to cleaner cars and help reduce harmful air pollution while helping our state meet its climate goals,” said Christi Cabrera of Nevada Conservation League. “We applaud Governor Sisolak, the Division of Environmental Protection, and the Nevada Legislative Commission for taking action and ensuring families have access to clean energy, clean air, and a clean environment for years to come.” 

“Nearly 94 percent of Nevadans are living in counties with unhealthy air,” said Melissa Ramos, Manager of Clean Air Advocacy for the American Lung Association. “The Clean Car Standards will help lessen harmful tailpipe emissions to accelerate clean air and climate benefits so all Nevadans can breathe healthier air.”

“Approving this initiative sends a strong message to the broader business community that Nevada is ready to drive towards the transportation of the future,” said Sarah Steinberg, Principal at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE). “These Clean Cars Standards are foundational to the development of an electric transportation system, and as we’ve seen in other states that have adopted this program, the market will respond with investments and job creation.” 

“The Black community and other communities of color are at greater risk of developing asthma, lung cancer, and other diseases because of harmful air pollution caused by tailpipe emissions,” said Dr. Mary House, CEO of CHR, Inc. (Caring, Helping, & Restoring Lives). “As an electric car driver, mother, and grandma, I am grateful to Governor Sisolak for taking action so our children can enjoy clean breathable air and to NDEP for leading an inclusive and transparent process for adopting these regulations.”

“The Clean Cars Nevada Initiative will make it easier than ever for Nevadans to purchase electric vehicles, which means more clean air, more money saved on fuel and maintenance costs, and more progress on Nevada’s ambitious climate goals,” said Simon Mui, Deputy Director of the Clean Vehicles and Fuels Group at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). “The Clean Cars Nevada Initiative is also an essential step toward President Biden’s goal that half of all vehicles sold by 2030 will be zero-emission models. This new policy to get more electric cars and trucks to Nevada dealerships will bring us closer to this national goal and inspire even more states to follow.”

“It’s exciting to see Nevada hit the accelerator on clean, electric cars,” said Angie Dykema, Nevada Representative for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. “A wide range of stakeholders unanimously supported this policy because of the many benefits it will bring, from cheaper driving to cleaner air. We thank Governor Sisolak and NDEP for taking action on one of the key policies identified in the State Climate Strategy and hope that other states will follow our lead.”


About Nevada Clean Cars Coalition: The Nevada Clean Cars Coalition consists of a diverse group of business leaders, conservationists, science and public health advocates, labor representatives, community organizations, local governments, consumer groups, and others who share the same desire to bring the many benefits of Clean Car Standards to Nevada.