Electric Vehicle Spotlight: Nevada legislators know the state’s future is electric
Assemblyman Tom Roberts stands in front of a Nissan Leaf (pre-pandemic) while summarizing the economic benefits of electric vehicles and clean energy in Nevada.

Electric Vehicle Spotlight: Nevada legislators know the state’s future is electric

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In early 2020, Nevada legislators from both parties came together to learn about electric vehicle policy. Many of them got behind the wheel of an EV for the first time, and they couldn’t get enough! The state’s leaders are excited for Nevada’s electric vehicle future.

I think there’s a lot of opportunities here, in this state, for growth in this sector,” said Assemblyman Tom Roberts (R). “We could be a clean energy producer with the amount of sunshine that we have here, and it only makes sense that we leverage electric technology like EVs to propel us forward.”

Clean car standards help by ensuring buyers have more electric options for their next purchase. And those options are going to increase substantially over the next couple of years.

“I think you’re seeing the industry kind of catch up with some of the demand with new trucks, SUVs, and four-wheel drive vehicles,” said Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen (D). “It shows the industry that they can make these vehicles and people will buy them.”

And lawmakers learned about another benefit of electric vehicles first hand — they are really fun to drive!

“Electric vehicles are great,” said Assemblyman Howard Watts (D). “I’m looking forward to passing policy that helps make them accessible to everyone.”

Nevada is uniquely positioned to diversify and strengthen its economy by becoming a hub for clean technology, including EV production and solar energy development, keeping dollars flowing within the state.

“We have an opportunity to electrify transportation in a way no other state can, and do it with clean energy,” said Senator Chris Brooks (D).

Clean car standards, along with other pro-EV policies from the Nevada Legislature, will set the state up to lead the transition to clean, zero-emissions transportation.

Healthy air, low costs, new jobs, more choices: clean cars put Nevada on the road to a brighter future!

See what lawmakers had to say about EVs and clean energy in Nevada in this video (filmed pre-pandemic).