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Take action for more clean car options in Nevada!

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection is planning to adopt clean car standards and wants to hear from you! These programs will give consumers more pollution-free vehicle choices, cleaning up our air and saving Nevadans money on fuel and maintenance along the way.

The transportation sector — mostly cars and trucks — is the #1 source of air pollution in Nevada. That pollution is a threat to our climate and our health, and cleaner cars mean cleaner air for us all. The “Clean Cars Nevada” program will require car manufacturers to offer more pollution-free cars, trucks and SUVs for sale in Nevada.

There are currently 67 models of electric cars sold in the United States, but most of them aren’t available at Nevada’s auto dealerships. American automakers like Ford and GM have announced plans for dozens of new electric models in the next five years, including electric crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks. Clean car standards will ensure more of these vehicles are available for sale on Nevada’s car lots. 

It’s time that we take action on air pollution, climate change, and consumer choice. Nevada must join the 17 states and the District of Columbia that are considering or have adopted clean car standards. 

Be a part of the solution. Sign our petition today!

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