The Clean Cars Nevada Initiative is Wildly Popular. Here’s Why:
Clean Cars Nevada charges toward the finish line.

The Clean Cars Nevada Initiative is Wildly Popular. Here’s Why:

The finish line is in sight for the Clean Cars Nevada program.

Nearly 15 months after Governor Sisolak announced that the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) will pursue clean car standards, the initiative has proven to be wildly popular and enjoys overwhelming support from diverse stakeholders — including auto industry, clean energy, health, business, and environmental advocates.

Broad consensus is rare these days, but that is precisely what happened on September 1, 2021. Following an in-depth and collaborative outreach process led by NDEP, the Nevada State Environmental Commission (SEC) unanimously voted to approve the Clean Cars Nevada regulations! Catch up on the wide-spread support with this Twitter thread:

The SEC vote is just the latest positive step forward. Just two months earlier, NDEP hosted a public workshop and received 100 percent favorable comments from a long list of participants as reported by the Nevada Independent:
So, why do so many organizations and people support the Clean Cars Nevada initiative? See for yourself:

Now, there is just one last stop — the Legislative Commission will vote on the regulations. Given the popularity of the program, it is clear that the Commission must vote yes for Clean Cars Nevada!